SMH Trailer Training Flowchart

Q.   Why do I have to take a trailer test?

Driving licence regulations relating to B+E first changed on 1st January 1997.  Anyone who passed their car (category B) driving test after this date are restricted on what they can legally tow.  Those who passed their car test before January 1997 are not affected. 

Q.   I passed my driving test after 1st January 1997.  Can I still tow on a category B licence only?

Yes you can but with weight restrictions applied.  Passing your B+E test will allow you to tow large trailers (within the capacity of the towing vehicle).  More information on towing with a category B only licence.

Q.   If I take the B+E test in an automatic vehicle, do I get full manual entitlement as well?

No, despite recent changes relating to other vocational categories.  To obtain full manual transmission type entitlement for B+E, you must pass the B+E test in a manual vehicle.

 Q.  Do I need a medical and take a theory test?

No, unlike other higher vocational categories (LGV, PCV etc), there is only a practical driving test for the B+E category.  However, you must be able to meet the minimum eyesight requirements : - read a number plate from a distance of 20.5m (new style plate) or 20m (old style plate).  This check will be carried out at the beginning of your training and by the examiner on your test. 

Q.  I'm disabled and have a specially adapted car.  Can I still do the training & test?

Yes you can providing you currently hold provisional entitlement for B+E on your licence.  You will need to use your vehicle for the training and test (providing it meets requirments) as our training vehicles are not equipped with adaptions.  You will still be required to do the practical reversing exercise and road drive.

Q.  Why are you quoting course prices using my vehicle?

Using your own vehicle can make the courses more affordable for you.  A fully insured company training vehicle can be supplied upon request (subject to availability) at an additional cost.  If you do use your own vehicle, it must meet the requirements for training and test.  This includes appropriate insurance cover for towing under tuition and taking the DVSA test where applicable.