Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common faqs relating to what trailer weights you can tow with your car, the B+E driving licence category, the training and trailer towing test.

Legislation has now changed to allow all UK driving licence holders to have BE added to their car (category B) licence without taking an additional test.  The DVSA ceased conducting B+E driving tests from 20th September 2021.  This change DOES NOT apply to Northern Ireland car licence holders.

If you passed your car test on or before 31st December 1996, you already have the B+E (car & trailer) category on your driving licence and can tow large trailers / caravans.  Don't forget to stay within the limits of your car's towing capacity. 

If you passed your car test on or after 1st January 1997, due to recent legislation changes, you can now drive vehicles up to 3,500kgs MAM (with up to 8 passenger seats) with a trailer up to 3,500kgs MAM without taking an additional test.  The vehicle's own towing limits must also be adhered to (under Construction & Use Regulations).  

If you passed your B+E trailer test before 19th January 2013, there is no specified weight limit of the trailer you can tow on your licence but you must still adhere to your vehicle's own towing capacity limits (Construction & Use Regulations apply here).  The wording "the weight of the trailer must not exceed the unladen weight of the vehicle" was also removed around January 2013 as it had no legal merit but was, and still is, good practice to follow.

If you passed your B+E trailer test on or after 19th January 2013, The B+E category driving licence limits are a trailer with a maximum plated MAM weight of 3500kgs and an overall maximum gross train weight (car & trailer combined) limit of 7000kgs.  In reality, these limits won't affect most people as even the best in class towing vehicles (such as a Range Rover) have a towing capacity limit of 3500kgs. 

If you have not actually taken and passed a trailer test in the UK, please see revised licence information in the above question "What can I tow on my UK car licence?"

Using your own vehicle can make the courses more affordable for you.  A lot of clients also feel more comfortable in their own vehicle rather than the extra stress of driving an unfamiliar one.  Business clients often prefer their employees trained in their own company vehicles too.  To use your own vehicle, it must meet the requirements for training.  This includes a towing capacity which is compatible with our trailer and appropriate insurance cover for towing a trailer under tuition.