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Trailer training specialists in Kent

We provide B+E (car + trailer) towing courses, including the test, and trailer handling courses in Kent for individual clients and businesses.

  • HIGH 1st time pass rates
  • Highly experienced DVSA Grade A instructors & LGV instructors
  • Courses to suit all abilities

Whether you're a novice, experienced, need to pass a B+E test or simply gain some additional towing skills and knowledge, we have a cost effective training course suited to your needs. 

Do you need to tow any of these ?

  • Caravan
  • Horsebox
  • Plant trailer
  • Mobile catering trailer
  • Livestock trailer
  • Car transporter
  • Show unit
  • Box type or any other large trailer

Unsure if you need to pass a B+E test?

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SMH trailer training in Kent

The training and test

When driving licence categories significantly changed on 1st January 1997, the need to pass a B+E test to tow large trailers has increased in recent years. 

The B+E test was originally, and still is, based on the LGV practical driving test.  The general reversing layout is the same, there is an un-coupling and re-coupling exercise and at least 50 minutes of driving time is on the road.  The practical B+E trailer test takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to complete. 

As B+E candidates are already full licence holders, the examiners are looking for a higher standard of driving, awareness and planning whilst towing a trailer and demonstrating a thorough understanding of the Highway Code.

Our courses are designed to fully prepare you in all elements of the test whilst gaining a life skill for your future towing requirements.

B+E trailer training in Kent

  • High 1st time pass rates
  • Quick & simple booking process
  • Highly experienced LGV instructors & DVSA Grade A instructors
  • Courses to suit all abilities
  • Individual and business bookings
B+E trailer training in Kent with fully qualified DVSA Grade A instructors


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Trailer handling courses

Our one day trailer handling courses are aimed at those who already have the B+E category on their licence, but need some help and guidance on any aspect of towing and reversing trailers.  Our handling courses will help prepare you to tow and reverse trailers safely, therefore reducing risk, damage and injury.

These courses can be tailored to your requirements and generally cover;

  • Reversing
  • Road driving
  • Basic trailer storage & maintenance
  • SMH Trailer Training in Kent
  • Trailer Aid Image